Russian 7.62 xz 54R Projectiles

I have an inquiry from an important source. Can anyone post a brief, concise and accurate review of the differences between the 7.62 mm LPS Steel Core silver-tip light ball Russian projectile, and the bullet called “ST-M2?”

Was the first changed to the latter in 1988?

John Moss

John, the “LPS” which had a silver tip only till 1978 and then was left plain got a thermal treated (hardened) core in 1986 and kept the designation LPS. The ST-M2 was only a development stage and resultet in the 7N13 PP better known as the “enhanced penetration”. The 7N13 replaced the LPS which is not produced anymore.

So if you have silver tipped ones you can be sure that the cores are soft.

EOD - Thank you for the reply. Can you, though, give me a better description of the actual difference between the two projectiles. It is great information that the M2 was only in devlopmental stage, but it does not answer the question of the difference in the two.

John Moss

John, are you interested in the whole story? If so it will be lots of work to take all apart. There are several other projectile designs involved like the ST-B and ST-M4. The differences are in core design and in the presence or shape of the air space in the projectile tip underneath the jacket.

There is also the sniper-AP “7N14” “SNB” which has no markings and is not possible to be told apart by just looking at it.