Russian 76.2 x 385R

  • The Russian 76.2 x 385R shell cases were used by some WW2 field guns and also by the AFV gun. Is there any difference between the 76.2 x 385R shell case used by the field guns and the 76.2 x 385R shell case used by the AFV gun ??? Are both types of primer the same or not ???
    From the ammo table found here at the Russians used only two types of 76.2mm shell cases: 76.2 x 191R (for the Mod. 1909 mountain gun) and 76.2 x 385R (see above). In the book named “Artillery of the World” (author Christopher F. Foss) I read that the Russians also had used a 76mm M-1938 AA gun. Did this 76mm M-1938 AA gun fire the 76.2 x 385R shell case too ???
    Thanks in advance for any help, Liviu 07/12/12

Liviu, the Russians used more than those. There were also two different rim diameters on the 385mm cases since not all ammo was to be fired from all guns. Also you are right with the “long” 76mm for the AA gun. Not to mention the naval 76mm, the recoilless or experimental ones.

The 76mm as it was used in WWII tank guns was identical to the regular 385mm case and the one used after the war in the PT-76 (well into the 1970’s or even longer) used also the regular 385mm case (thoug the special fin stabilized HEAT shell required the case to be shortened a bit). There it is worth to note that at that time no new cases were produced and just old brass was reloaded what lead to the situation that I have observed rounds for the PT-76 in a Russian depot in 2003 which had a head stamp from 1939 (it was not in service anymore and was taken off for disposal).

  • @ EOD: Thanks for your lines.
    I would like to see a picture showing some headstamp markings for a WW2 Russian made 76.2 x 385R shell case, if somebody has this type of artillery round. Thanks in advance, Liviu 07/14/12