Russian 7H21 box


I acquired these two boxes last year. Can anyone, perhaps one of our Russian Forum members tell me what cartridge and if possible what headstamp came in them? the top one is unmarked the the lower one has only the marking illustrated.




Lew it is actually 7N21.


There is image and one of hs of 9x19 7H21.It is used in Jarigin pistol (“Grach”).

And one more cartridge for this pistol.So called 7H30.


I am once again confused by the variety of Russian exposed steel-core tip 9mm cartridges (or the variety of ways they are mislabeled?). We know there is of course the 7N21 which is the original & common design, and the 7N30 is one of the experimental variants. But the cartridge above labeled as the “7H30” is not the 7N30 - it is the newer larger exposed steel core tip from Tula which was listed on the Wolf website for a while. I had not heard of any designation for this newer Tula cartridge and so is it in fact the 7"H"30? And could the mystery cartridge shown in the below photo which is neither the 7N21, 7N30, or 7N31 actually be this “7H21”? What is H in the Russian system or is it just a typo. If it is a typo then why is the above cartridge shown as 7H30 unless it is being misspelled and misrepresented?


I think I see part of the problem. The sometimes used Russian character for the English “N” is an “H” ? When I look at this page here (near bottom): it lists the cartridges as 7H21 & 7H31, but when I translate the webpage with Google translator it turns all of the text occurrences of those into 7N21 and 7N31. So just a translation issue from H to N?


Yes. Cyrillic “H” = English “N”


There is russian army poster which shows this cartridge.As yo can see it is “7Н30”(“H” means “N” in all codes)


DK, we discussed that before, that what you designated as “current Tula design” is the 7N30 and it is not experimental but the latest adopted 9x19. Basically it is the Armie’s new standard cartridge.


Thanks EOD, I know, it’s just that I keep seeing varying usages of a couple designations for more than one cartridge, and then there’s the whole “H” vs “N” thing and the “3” vs “Z” thing. Even when I use translators built into some Russian websites it will leave certain letters unchanged. For instance, when I use an online Optical Character Recognition program to grab the heading text from that army poster, and then send it to Google translator it comes out as:

9x19 mm cartridge with bullet ПОВЬІШЕННОЙ Penetration
INDEX 7NZ0. SYMBOL 9x19 PP GS (combustible)
Purpose. To engage manpower. including Equipped with individual Sr8DS1 `V8MI protection.
Ptsimenenie. For the shooting of 9-mm pistol 6P35

I think I have the full picture now though with regards to H’s and 3’s. Thanks again!


I’m still having some problems sorting out the Russian 9 x 19 AP designations. I thought I had them straight, but then DK’s picture confused me. Could someone identify these three? Thanks.



7N21 from 1998 (KSPZ, was 711 before)
likely a 7N31, the “normal one” looks slightly different
7N21 late model

We need to notice that the AP designs within one designation are slightly varying over the years.


Thanks. The variations within the designs is what was tripping me up.