Russian 7n21 9x19. But too heavy?

Scope this out guys. I’ve recently come across several Russian 7n21 9x19. Having extras I took one bullet to measure & document. All the information I can find online says a 7n21 bullet is about 82gr…

This one I have is 108gr!

So, any ideas? Bad translations or??

Thanks for any help.


This is because you appear to have a 9x21 SP-10 / 7N29.

So it is not too heavy but you are looking at the wrong caliber / projectile.

It was my first idea too, but the bullet in the scale look too short to be a SP-10
@ n2130n would you please post a perpendicular photo of the bullet

That thought crossed my mind but they came in a box labled 7H21 & the case is the same length as a regular 9x19:

Vince, here you go:

I have found pictures of 7n21 next to 7n29 & these look correct as far as length is concerned to match 7n21.

Here is my feable attempt at getting a picture of the headstamp for anyone interested:

Thank you all


I haven’t found weight data yet but according to the GRAU list a 7N21-1 cartridge exists with a bullet containing a lead sleeve around the core instead of plastic.


The 7N21 has 2 bullet options:
early 7N21 - 5,1-5,4 g with plastic sleeve
later 7N21-01 - 6,8-7,2 g with lead sleeve
also now there 7N21-02 and 7N21-03
P.S. modern 7N29 has a bullet from late 7N21 (the bullet is shorter than the earlier version 7N29)



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Awesome thank you hooke!

I had only been able to find information regarding the early 7n21 I guess. I didn’t know about the later, heavier version.

Thats what I love about the Russian stuff, especially the newer rounds. The information on them is almost as hard to find as the rounds themselves!

Any idea why the changed the sleeve from plastic to lead? Did it improve penetration performance somehow? I would imagine increasing the weight of the bullet, lowering the velcoity would decrease its penetration. Which seems odd considering its purpose.

Thanks again man. Looks like I got something pretty special here. Have a great day.