Russian 7x57mm Mauser military loaded ammunition?

I just purchased a thousand rounds of 7x57mm ammo for components. A few of the rounds have a steel jacket/core bullet and a headstamp with the number “7” at 12 o’clock and a 1963 ( 63) date of manufacture.
Are these Russian made? For whom were they made?

Can you post a picture?

Is the case lacquered, is there a color on the primer or bullet tip?

I would exclude a Russian relation here but it sure would be good to see an image of the headstamp.

It is a brass case with a roil crimp. It has a red annulus around the primer. There is no visible signs of annealing of the neck / shoulder
I fell off a ladder and unable to operate my camera at this time.

IAA Headstamp Code Page shows 7 as being Vympel State Production Association, Khabarovsk Territory, Russia. Of course, there may be others out there who used it that haven’t made their way onto the list.

Pictures (in due course) would be good.

Yes, but Vympel never made this caliber and btw did not even exist in 1963.
Also no point for Russia / the USSR to make this caliber.

I scanned the cartridge,no mean feat with broken fingers.

Thanks Alex - I thought it may be a long shot.

Randy nailed it. These were practically unknown until a few years ago when a huge batch of mixed South American 7x57 surplus suddenly appeared.

Other than the lottery ticket find in my other post, most are from the DR. I did find I have ten of the 12 months of 1945 for a maker missing the 9th and 10th months.