Russian 9x19mm box-what is the headstamp?

I have not seen this box before and only received it yesterday. I received it empty. It is a product of Klimovsk and the stamp on the end flap indicates (I believe) it was made in 2001. I don’t believe I have any 9x19 from this company.

The “sight” emblem on the left of the top photo may identify it as Klimovsk. I have the same symbol on a 9x19 steel case round dated “99”. These cartridges came in a plain brown 40 round box with black letters. There was no indication of the manufacturer but the side of the box had the sight emblem. I only have copies of these box labels

Lovely box! I wish I had some of the ammo.


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Stamp T01 - lot number… I believe))

Thanks Hook. This came as one of three Russian boxes that came to the US in the early 2000s so the 2001 was a guess.


While I am at it, I have another Russian box that I could use help on. Nothing that I can read! Who made this and what is the headstamp?


Maybe you show these pictures?


and 2004 year



The diamond shape with the cyrillic letters GIS (on both boxes) is the symbol of the Klimovsk proof house for ammunition tested according to CIP rules.

Hook, Thanks! I have never seen the Barnaul headstamp in a lacquered steel case, only in the Silver Bear load. I have also never seen the Klimovsk headstamp in anything but the CWS case dated 99! Two nice cartridges.

Greatly appreciate the response!


Lew, you can also find the Barnaul logo headstamp in this box: