Russian ammo 2

What do they say interesting about these ctges ?

The caption is in the old Russian (pre-1918), but it doesn’t seem to apply to the cartridges shown; as near as I can tell, it’s describing a shotgun somewhere else on that page:
“Round steel barrel, choke-bored, length 18 “vershkov” (a measurement I’m not familiar with). Five-round magazine, a sixth can be placed in the chamber, forearm and pistol-grip, 9 3/4 pounds.”

Indeed they were shotguns on the page . i thought these sentence were related to the ctges.

J-P What is this picture from? Any date? Also from a previous post what year Federal catalogs do you want copies of?

Hi Georges
they are from a russian catalogue Hans gently put here on the forum some months ago
I have copy if you don’t find it and want it