Russian ammo 3

What do they say of interest about this ctge ?

This is an advertisement for the “New E, Jaskan “Express” bullet for firing from smooth-bored guns”, but I’m not familiar with some of the older script; as near as I can tell, they were loaded into Gevelot cases, and sold in 10-round packages, in 12 and 16 gauges.

they say loaded into Gevelot cases ??

The picture shows a case headstamped “Torbek”, but the caption below reads “гилзы Жевело” (gilzy Zhevelo), which translates to “Gevelot cases”.

Hum ! thank you

CRB (compagnie Russo Belge) was Gevelot and I know CRB bought Torbek.
But I do not know when !
Therefore it could be an error in the catalogue or a good info.

About Zhevelo/Gevelot:
“The rule for loading: place cup Zhevelo (tightly inside the case) above gun powder and than thin cardboard wad”
“cup” Zhevelo not case one!

Are they then using “gilzy” for a type of wad?

gilza =гильза =case
pyzh = пыж = wad

Thank you to you all !!


Thanks; it appears as if these slugs came pre-assembled with the wads or cups already on the base (?).

According to the text, this bullet from the picture should be above wad-cap-powder. But it’s looks like bullet inside this cap and no stuff beetwen bullet and powder inside cartridge.