Russian Ammunition Video - BEST EVER

Here is a link to a video on Russian Ammunition that is my new favorite. It is completely in Russian which I wish I could understand. Still, it was incredible and showed the history, development, testing and scientific study of Russian large bore ammunition from WW1 to present day. Some of the best video of sectioned ammunition of all sizes and styles that I have ever seen. Anyhow, worth the time :-) I gets better as it goes on.

Jason … r_embedded

Jason, this is the video for the 80 year anniversary of “NIMI”, one of their largest artillery ammunition developers and manufacturers.

Here their website (in english):

They also printed a book for the anniversary which is full of great images including experimental ammunition. I am painfully missing it!!!

“NIMI is the oldest world developer and manufacturer of ammunition”
“It was founded in 1932”

Hmmmmm…interesting. I didn’t realize that nobody developed or manufactured ammunition before 1932!

Wow! Oldest ammunition factory! That’s cool ammo trivia. I watched that video twice and was amazed.

Alex, thanks for that link to their web site.

Kind of false, humorous trivia.