Russian artillery projectiles and cases headstamping and packing

Hello guys,

I’ve been looking for a while for any information about how the soviets headstamped and packed their artillery projectiles and cases. I couldn’t find too much information and I’m hoping you can help me with some documents detailing headstamping, painting and packing those mention above.
I’m very grateful for any pictures or documents that you can find and post here. Thank you.


Here, for example (in Russian):,1020.0.html

Wow. That’s indeed something that can help me into my research. Спасибо!

Any chance for some incendiary or high-explosive incendiary shells? I checked every caliber and there were none.

Incendiary ignites only under certain conditions, and containing explosives have the appropriate labeling / appearance.
If you are not sure about the purpose of the item that you accidentally or not accidentally found, leave this case to the explosives experts.

Oh no, I haven’t found any of the mentioned above :] I was just curios why there isn’t mentioned about artillery incendiary shells on your provided link since I know that type of munitions exists.

At the end of the list, as well as this is not the most in-demand projectile.

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