Russian big game shotgun ammo

I have read that the shotgun was very popular gun in Russia for big game hunting.
Also read about a load that uses a round ball smaller than the bore centered by two donut wad.
I would like to know a little more about this ammo.

cannot say much about particular load you mentioned, but shotguns indeed are popular for big game hunting here, because of stupid gun laws which allow to buy rifle (any rifle, even a .22LR single shot) only after 5 years of owning a shotgun.

I do not hunt, but shoot slugs at the paper on regular basis from my 2 12 gauge guns. There are many types of slugs, some of them of local design, i.e. “Poleva” slugs, some of which are sub-caliber ones using sabots

Ball bullets are hardly of any use, except for rural handloders who cast balls themselves

Steering the topic away from the original question perhaps but still relevent I hope. What accuracy can be obtained from slugs? I have tried them with pretty mediocre results years ago just playing around but I know it is actually a vast and detailed subject that somehow never gets mentioned.
Slugs take many shapes and forms and I know in the States there are places where they have to be used by law. They are also used in mainland Europe, mainly for boar.
I believe there are afectionados who have managed to get very good results from them. Over here there are competitions now for “target” shotgun but its a pseudo police event rather similar to CAS and the ranges are short.

accuracy with slugs depends, as usual, on many factors.

In my recent shoot i managed to make some “connected” holes on paper at 50 meters, using my Stoeger SP-312 pump gun with 22" cylined-bored barrel and red dot sight (which greatly helped accurcay, as standard sights are almost non-existent on my gun)

IIRC i shot saboted 1 oz / 28 g, locally made, factory loaded “Poleva” slugs in that event.

Below is a photo from one of my earlier shoots, with target shot from 25 meters, off-hand, using only factory bead sight of my gun. Once i got the thing sighted, i made this nice ragged hole in the center with 6 rounds of the 12 ga / 70mm Wolf slugs

That certainly not the ‘sniper-grade’ accuracy, but in my book that is still pretty good, considering that every hole counts for an ounce or so of lead with respectable kinetic energy