Russian cartridge board

Jesse - is this from an online photo, or something in hand? I’m very curious as to what the 4th cartridge down on the far right is, with the 9x19 case and the small saboted-looking projectile. From the label I can only read: 4.5x19 патрон пистолетчик but I can’t make out the third word. Those first two words are “Insert Pistoletchekov” whatever that means, but I probably have read it wrong.

This image is from a Russian online source.

The 9x19 reads “pistoletnyy dvukhsrednyy” what means “2-medium pistol cartridge” or shortly a cartridge for use in air and under water.
In fact this is a saboted under water cartridge which also can be fired in air.

For Dk
found on internet two better pictures of this cartridge

Web addresses for these interesting pictures and information?

Sorry I don’t remember; may be on this website

Thanks for clarification, very interesting

Here the 9x19 in action with a GSh-18 pistol:

Here the same Russian site showing and explaining some of the other under water weapons. … art=100000

What is the story on the 8.6 x 89mm and the 7.62 x 69mm cartridges on the cartridge board shown in the first post?

8.6mm = 0.338”

8.6 x 70mm = .338 Lapua Mag. (used by military & LE) so 8.6 x 89mm =?

7.62 x 69mm = the dimensions of a .300 Lapua Magnum.

As you say, the 8.6x69 (actually 70mm I think) is the .338 Lapua Mag. and is officially adopted by the Russian Forces.

The 7.62x69 is a necked down (by the Russians) .338 LM but there I had no chance to compare it to a .300 LM. Supposedly also adopted today but here I am not 100% certain.

They also made a necked up .338 LM in 9x69 (since 2003). Status here is unknown as it was said to be cancelled but recently a 2012 date has shown up on a supposedly western case with removed and restamped hs. We shall see what happens there.

BTW the 12.7x55 case is also a cut down .338 LM.