Russian Civil War cartridge finds

A friend of mine has been researching Russian Civil War sites and digging up cartridges. He’s been sending me pics to post on the forum, I thought they might be of interest to some here.

Very interesting.

The first thing I noticed when looking at Vyacheslav’s pictures of recovered fired cartridge casings was the fine state of preservation after 90+ years of being buried in the soil. Having metal detected in the Midwest (U.S.) many cartridge cases show extensive deterioration due to the type of soil and/or the use of fertilizers.

The multitude of cartridge cases with headstamps of foreign producers bears witness to the dependence of Russia on foreign ammunition suppliers above and beyond domestic production.


Whilst the majority of Headstamps shown, were Tsarist Imports (before or During WW I,) the DWM 16 and 17 Were made by Germany for German (and Turk) captured Mosins.

AS some Mosins fuelled by DWM ammo were used on he Eastern front, it is natural that some may have fallen into Russian Hands; as well, some may have made its way into Bolshevik
hands directly from Germany in 1919, or by way of Allied seizures in 1919 to the White Russians; in any case, the “Civil War” in Russia lasted well in to the 1920s in Central Asia.

Where exactly were these Shell deposits found?

BTW, in 1917, Germany sent thousands of Mosins to Turkey, where they were used in Palestine (Photos previously posted on GB); Turkey also captured Mosins in Armenia, as well as acquiring them Post-war from Lenin, in a Border re-arrangement.

Very nice Historical collection:

C17F3 : Cartridge Factory #3, 1917; sometimes the “C” is mistaken for a “G” (as in Gov’t)…Factory within one of the other major manufacturers in Britain, paid for by the Go’vt. Initially making 7,62 for the Tsar, with the revolution, they made .303 British in late 1917 and 18. ( Mark VIIz, Nitro powder).

Doc AV

And many of these cartridges ended up by coming to Spain, as this case recovered in the front of the battle of the Ebro.

Here is a video which gives an idea of what the so called “black diggers” find in the ground in Russia, plenty of ammo too…

Thanks for the comments. Doc AV, I added a comment that it is a “C” and not “G” per you. I get in trouble when I think…

I asked Vyacheslav where he found these, he said:

“Найдены в 4 точках на территории Иловлинского и Фроловского районов , Волгоградкой Области…
They Are Found in 4 points on territory Ilovlinskogo and Frolovskogo region , Volgogradkoy Area…”

It looks like he gets his ideas from old maps.

Here is an older post with more of his stuff. I wish I could find this in my yard… … #msg125896