Russian explosive bullet


Only the drawing for this, does anyone have more information?

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During WW I around 1915 obsolete M1891 round nose projectiles were reworked to explosive/incendiary projectiles by drilling a 3.8 mm axial hole into the projectile from the tip down to a depth of 24 mm and pressing black powder into 4/5 of the cavity’s depth and closing it with a priming system consisting of a metal cap filled with priming composition and a striker below. The projectile weight was 11 grams.
Two different types existed. One with a fully inserted primer for anti aircraft use and one with a protruding primer for use against balloons.
The projectile with the protruding priming system was very sensitive to the feeding process of machine guns.
Due to the drilled hole in the projectile the centre of gravity was moved back and the projectile’s flight was not as stable anymore and caused a larger dispersion.
The insufficient design, dangerous manufacturing process and handling limited the production to WWI only.


A similar design was illustrated in Menschikov book from 1946 (no caliber is mentioned). Description says “Madsen” and date is 1914:


Has anyone ever seen the publication ‘Heerestechnik’ before? I’ve tried Google but with no results.

The drawing is from Volume 7, printed in 1929 which would imply that Volume 1 started in about 1923, fitting in quite well with the reformation of the Reichswehr. Although denied a General Staff I imagine a research bureau would have been a top priority.

The drawings appear on pages 270 and 273 so it was no small thing, strange that there should be no sign of it now.

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