Russian factory #80 in Dzerzhinsk blew up

Sad news!
The largest explosives factory and ammunition loading facility in Russia, factroy #80 “Kristall” of Dzerzhinsk blew up.

Hope all injured people will recover soon!


I am actually surprised they’ve kept the old Communist era name of Rastiapino. It is named after Felix Dzerzhinsky, a mass murderer and first head of what became KGB

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Vlad -
Not very surprising, considering how many people celebrate Stalin as a hero.


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There are such incidents of norms, and this is not the worst thing yet, there was a production of toxic substances in the city, and accidents also happened there.

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This is truly sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the individuals whos lives have been effected by this event.

I thank you deeply for the educational website you attached this in todays society
is very neccecary since so little is know about these people of who they were or what
they did but then as you and I know Dzerchinzky was only a sniveling Idiot compared

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