Russian Factory Code "335"

I recently saw a CWS round headstamped “335 10”. I am not familiar with this code. Which factory does it identify?

Any help appreciated.


Lew, this is the code of KBP Instrument Design Bureau in Tula.



Lew - what caliber was the cartridge?

Fede, Is this what is known as Tula Arsenal???

John, It was a 9x19mm case.


Lew, no, Tula Arsenal would be Tula Arms Plant (TOZ), but KBP is a different company. The small arms ammunition is developed by a subsidiary of KBP that is designated Sporting and Hunting Guns Central Research and Design Bureau (TsKIB SOO), like the 9 mm 7N31 AP cartridge found with this headstamp code, for example. Regards, Fede.

And we should mention here that the cases with “335” hs are made by LVE of Novosibirsk - to most known as factory #188.

There are also other calibers with “335” hs.

I just remembered we had an earlier discussion about this: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14432

About the Russian code 335, I thought that KBP (Ammunition design facility) was in Klimovsk, not Tula ?


The JSC KBP Instrument Design Bureau was founded October 1, 1927, under the direction of the Tula Arms Factory. In the mid-1940s, it was known as the Central Design Bureau No. 14 (TsKB-14) and among other things was where the Makarov Pistol was developed. Loading of ammunition, under the headstamp of 335, was begun in 2007 by the TsKIBSOO office of the KBP. Cases were made primarily by the Novosibirst Low-Voltage Equipment Works.

The JSC KBP Instrument Design Bureau and its TsKIBSOO subsidiary continue full operations under the guidance of Managing Director D. Konoplev.

Information from KBP material.

All indications are that it maintains connections to the various Tula arms and ammunition activities.

Their website has a Tula address!


Stuka, not to confuse KSPZ and TsNIITOChMASh (bot of Klimovsk) with KBP of Tula:

EOD - Thanks for posting their website address. For some reason, I couldn’t find that specific site. Not much has changed on it from when I located it a couple of years ago. I see they don’t even mention small arms ammo.

John, when you look into the small arms section and there into a particular weapon there is a small highlighted and hyperlinked word like “ammunition” or “cartridges”. When you klick it a small window will open and show a llittle image of the regarding ammo.

For example here: … weapon/vks

Of course this is far from a proper marketing of the ammunition and if I got it right then who ever will buy the weapons has to order the ammo from them too. So it might be just pragmatism (and bad marketing).

John and Alex, the subsidiary company used to have its own website under the domain name of This is the ammunition page:

Fede, right! I forgot about that one already…

I just looked up my company folder and found they even had single product sheets on their ammo products:

EOD - do you have the single product sheet for Makarov caliber ammunition from KBP, which I believe is limited to the 7H25? I was a little shocked to see on the sheet you posted .40AE (I’m not sure I even know which cartridge that is - perhaps what we call .41 AE?), .357 Magnum, .45 Auto, etc.

If you have the Makarov sheet, could you send a scan of it to me as an attachment to my regular email?

John, e-mail sent!
Of course you are right with the 7N25 being the only one they are advertizing.

The other calibers you got confused over is just a remark that the 7N31 is exceeding the piercing capability of the listed cartridges.

EOD - Thanks partner! I wish I shared the extraordinary language abilities of so many of the people on this Forum. Its a wonderful thing. It didn’t even enter my mind that all those calibers were not a list of their products, but simply something to compare their own ammunition with.

John, for that particular language ability my family paid a very high price - too high! Nothing to admire.