Russian frag testing

Indeed interesting!
But these are not only fragments but 7.62x54R API and 12.7x108 API.
The last 3 on the side window were high velocity fragments.

Imagine such tests in the west with a human in the cockpit!
I can see our folks foaming and sacking all involved!

i think there are 14.5

on the video you can see a kpv without flash hider

Ammogun, I think that was the launcher for the fragment simulators.
And the Russian comments did not mention 14.5mm - what they sure would have done for advertisement.

To what I know US helicopters are also tested with 14.5mm per standards (assume certain components whcih are armored). Just assume the canopys and cockpit screens are not even 12.7x108 proof.

Reminds me of this, about the A-10’s bathtub

You have to wonder what that guy did to have ‘volunteered’ to sit in that seat for these tests.

Pete, nothing I guess.
Looking at Soviet gun and armament designers which were shot in the days of Stalin for having developed something that was not perfect (in the view of the authorities) this is no surprise at all.
Ok, to be fair: I think this was just to proove how much that guy trusted the design. And also these tests must have been carried out before with empty cockpits. This here was more of a small propaganda show then.
Imagine this happening here!

Remember the story of a Soviet aircraft designer who was later shot as he was accused to have given his aircraft design drawings to Germany before the war.
How they thought they had found out? The Soviets back then (right before WW2) bought a Me110 from Germany, decided it looked too much like one of their own aircraft and of course immediately found out (they thought) that the chief designer himself gave the “secret design” to the Germans. that poor sould was then executed.
As we all know the USSR “of course” was in the 1930s the leading aircraft developer in the world…
…and shooting all people who had a brain sure brought them much forward!

By “Not perfect” you probably mean “total crap, despite previous glowing promises to the Stalin”?

Hmm. Do you remember his name?

well, then, do you mean that Il-2, La-7, MiG-15, Sputnik and A-bomb were all created by brain-less people, right?

Thanks Alex
I figured it has previously been tested before, if they put a live H.B. in these, (I was being a little sarcastic) still, you have to admire his stones, & I sure hope he had good ear protection & clean skivies.

Max, not anymore. Back in my aircraft days I had things more present. But I think it should be easy to find out in the Russian internet.

  1. I did not say that
  2. you know exactly what I mean, no need to look for a fight, as per your definition that would mean my family was also brainless as only some of my relatives got shot…
  3. take it with a grain of salt - I do (despite the above)
  4. the a-bomb was not really created in the USSR, I think you agree…
  5. The Mig-15 had a British jet engine (the said aircraft days of me)

the best I can find is Kalinin, who was executed in 1938, but there’s no specific info about why
Funny thing, when you start to dig into actual declassified documents you often find that what seems to be just out-of-the-sky terror-style arrest and sentencse, in fact was often based on some ordinary misdeeds, like inappropriate use of government funds.
There’s plenty of evidence that quite often ordinary embezzlement, theft, funds mi-use or sheer incompetence was turned into political case.
It was bad, of cause, and punishment quite often was much more severe than needed, but still not everyone who went under was as white as snow.

yes, of cause. But Soviets still had to actually build it, which, as you probably know, is not as easy as steal some papers. And, somehow, Soviets did it years ahead of British who had direct access to US research…

Yup. And Americans were sent to Moon by SS Sturmbannführer

PS My apologies for off-topic, but I’m quite sick of, let’s say, not-so-correct stories being told about my country. If anyone is willing to further discuss Soviet & post-soviet Russian history, its twist and relations to the rest of the world, welcome to PM.

So are we all but we do not get shot for political reasons (normally).

Because the British had no access to the needed Uranium (and did not get it from the US - on purpose?) while the USSR took it from East-Germany as noone had to be asked for?

Plus so many other German scientists which are “forgotten on purpose” in the USSR. I do not hear complaints about that.
And if the USSR had it’s hands on von Braun they would have done what, executed him out of habit? I guess you know the answer. (I knew the son of a collegue of von Braun, his entire family was taken to the USSR in 1945 and returned only in the 1970s).

Come on, you are telling this a German? Get over it!

No need to discuss it furter since as you say it is off-topic, though ammo and politics are very close by nature.
And to have it said, despite history (including my own) nothing against you or Russia. I have plenty of valued friends there (+ ex-USSR) and as most here know I am the biggest fan of Soviet/Russian arms technology!
I think things are viewed best a bit more relaxed.

Pete, you are definately right!!!

“Crash test” dummies.