Russian Fuzes

I have two Russian fuzes that I would like information on.
First looks like a Drill fuze with a white band . I thought the white band was only on the projectile?
Made by Degtyarev Plant B-37 fuze. Fits my 37mm N-37 projectile.

The second fuze is MG-40? which I cannot find any info on. Same maker .
What projectile/calibre used this fuze?


According to this link, МГ-40 self-destruct fuzes were developed for 40mm Bofors AA ammunition, supplied from USA via Lend Lease during WW2. Appear to be very rare.


Thank you for the information and link.
I did not realise that Russia used the 40mm Bofors guns so I looked on the net.

Were these designed to replace the US made fuzes, or did Russia eventually manufacture the complete ammunition?

according to the source above those were developed to replace US-made fuzes in US-made ammo, with added self-destruct functionality

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