Russian "Gyrojet"



Excellent find and finally a confirmation for it’s real existance.


Thanx very much for the information Yuri, I hope your able to get some pics the next time round as long as you don’t get in trouble for doing it.

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing.


Yuri - I am a litle puzzled as to what system of propulsion is used with the 7.62 Russian self-contained cartridge you pictured. You did not show the head of the cartridge. Is it rocket propelled, or propelled by more or less conventional gunpowder? I have what appears to be the identical cartridge in my collection, and have had it for several years. It has a rather conventional primer in the base, and no nozzles for any kind of rocket propulsion, unlike the Gyroject rounds which do have ports in various numbers and shapes depending on the round in question. Could you clarify whether or not this is a conventional caseless cartridge (self-contained cartridge; fly-away cartridge) or is it a rocket. Gyrojet guns were lightly constructed since the rocket did not developed the pressures of gunpowder, and in fact, the bullet nose, as it left the launcher, actually recocked the hammer for the next shot, since the rocket increases speed progressively more so than a conventional cartridge which begins with high velocity.