Russian HERTER'S


In the new Cabela’s shooting catalog it is advertizing HERTER’S ammo made in Russia on a steel lacquered case. Anybody have a clue as to what the head stamp looks like? Vic


Vic–What calibers are available?



Here’s the link to Cabelas offerings on the Herters stuff. … .jsp.form1

.30 Carbine
7.62 X 39

.40 S&W


Vic–I’m not sure what the headstamp is, but at least the 7.62x39 are made, I believe, by Tula.


The report is that the headstamps are normal Russian. The problem is, no mention of which “normal Russian.” However, the .380 is not made in Russia. It is made in Indonesia, and reported has the newest form of the Pindad headstamp - something like “PT - PIN 9 x 17K.” that may not be exact.

We have seen none of it yet, but then, we have no Cabela’s around here. The closest one is in Reno.

You can see in the website rerenced in this thread that the .380 box, by the way, clearly says “Made in Indonesia.” All the others except 9mm show “Made in Russia.” For some reason, I couldn’t find the 9mm on that site.

John Moss


According to the catalog the 9 mm is made in Russia, steel case, noncorrosive berdan primed. They will also come in the sealed spam cans 900/can for the 9mm, 450/can for the 45 ACP.

The catalog shows the .380 auto with a made in Russia, steel case,berdan primed.

Only the 40 S&W, 45 ACP,.& 223 are boxer primed the rest are berdan.



The 9MM is on the second page.


the picture of the 7.62x39 with herter box shows a 7.62x39 over WOLF hst



On the website that was posted in this thread, look closely at the picture of the .380 box. On the top, down in the left-hand corner, you will see that it clearly says “Made in Indonesia” on the .380 box. The headstamp was reported on one of the Gun Forums.

I never completely trust chain-store catalog descriptions, having found them often wrong. Someone has reported that a huge shipment, or order (perhaps not all here yet) of ammunition from PINDAD is here or on the way. It can’t all be .380, but a lot may be consideering that is a caliber that my dealer friends report is short in supply on the U.S. Market due to all the silly panic buying of the last year or so. By the way, that is not to say that the first deliveries of “Herter’s” .380 were not made in Russia. They may have been. It will be interesting to watch what happens with the Herter’s Line from Cabela’s. It may end up like some other chain-store brands, with many different makers involved with one line of ammunition. Look at the Independence Brand - several different headstamps (minor differences) with ammo made in probably two different factories in the US and of course, the first shipments being from CBC in Brazil.

John Moss


John, You have been in the business. It does not make sense to me that a company such as Herter’s would buy Russian ammo and then sell them through Cabela’s why not just Cabela’s sell them? Or why not just Herter’s sell them they have a catalog still. And why would the Russian maker keep their head stamp on it not a new Herter’s bunter?


I believe the reason Cabelas uses this is because Cabelas purchased the Herters trade name. There is no Cabelas and Herters it is one and the same so Cabelas gets their ammo made from whom ever can supply the contract at the price. They use the Herters name for marketing. Headstamps may change from Batch to batch. I have a cabelas 7.62 x 39 with the headstamp from Ulyanovsk. I have heard of others but have not seen them yet.


Forgot to also add. Most Cabelas ammo in 9mm and 7.62 made by Tula. The Indonesian ammo seen has headstamps of PIN and TP.


Vic - am writing this just so you will know I didn’t ignore your question directed to me. I post a very long, detailed reply, and it disappeared. I later did a shorter one, mainly to say that cartridge corner was right on, although I had given a few more details after a half hour of searching the web for Herters info. I thought that one posted. Now I see it, too, disappeared. Perhaps the third time will work. Again, just wnated you to know I didn’t ignore your question.

John Moss


thank you John. vic


Last month I found on a gun forum a thread about Cabela’s Herter’s brand ammo. The poster stated that he found some Herter’s .380 Auto at a No. Arizona Cabela’s and on the box it stated it was made in Indonesia. It was brass cased and headstamped: TP . PIN . 9X17

I performed a Google search for PT.Pindad Persero and found their company website. I also found the following website … 094434.htm Its an article by the Ministry of National Defense The People’s Republic of China that mentions that PT Pindad will export “one million ammunitions to a sports club in the United States”. This article was posted on October 11, 2009.

It was just last month when Cabela’s started to advertise the brass cased Herter’s ammo. It seems too much of a coincidence that Cabela’s happens to be selling ammunition made by PT. Pindad in such a short time after PRC’s Ministry of National Defense posts a press release about Pindad selling ammo to a U.S. “shooting sport club”.

Me thinks that this “shooting sport club” and Cabela’s is one in the same.


I wrote Cabela about the headstamp on the 9mm Para and about buying ammo in less than 500 round lots. They were totally unhelpful.

I’d really like one of the Herter’s 9x19mm boxes for the collection (along with a cartridge to confirm the headstamp). I’d also like a box of the brass case 380. Is anyone out there buying a batch of this???

Can anyone confirm what the 9mmP hst is. I suspect it is Wolf, but even Wolf boxes now sometimes have other Russian headstamps.




Lew The 9mm headstamps I have from the cabelas boxes were 1) Wolf and 2) wolf cartridges with No headstamp. There may be more out there but that is all I have personally seen.


when you say Wolf with no headstamp is that there’s no stamp at all or just “9mm LUGER”?



[quote]cartridgecorner wrote:
Lew The 9mm headstamps I have from the cabelas boxes were 1) Wolf and 2) wolf cartridges with No headstamp. There may be more out there but that is all I have personally seen.

when you say Wolf with no headstamp is that there’s no stamp at all or just “9mm LUGER”?



I’m interested in the unheadstamped round regardless. Please post a photo!!!




Thanks. Sorry for the mis understanding, unheadstamped I meant 9mm Luger…no wolf or symbol on the headstamp at all. I no longer have the round but will see if I can get another from a buddy who has a few boxes of it.