Russian MLRS system 122mm BM-21 "GRAD" (Hail)

Remembering an old discussion we had on the system and it’s ammunition I have found the document below (pretty complete description). The one or the other may be interested.

Totaly remember that thread EOD. I think it started because you & CSAEOD identified a picture one of my inert fuzes as a Katusha fuze. It had a zig zagging timer. You also sent me a super sweat diagram of the fuze detailing all its components.

Thanks for the link, off to check it out.

Aren’t true “Katyusha” rockets 132mm? The media calls everything between 107mm to 240mm a Katyusha. Drives me nuts.

The photo I have shows a 122 MM rocket being called a Katyusha. I am guessing thier may be a few kinds?

Well, on the media I have my very own opinion…
The original ones were 82mm and 132mm, the launcher vehicles were actually the BM-8 and BM-13. As nicknames tend to be they usually get applied by non-professional-people to allmost everything that is somehow similar.