Russian Navy Case 75x660R

Another Russian Navy case 75x660R.
This one is Tula (T3 in circle) but any idea about the HB, No2, No381 and the dots?
Does each dot indicate a reload?. Brass case. 1909 dated.


This is a 75mm Schneider.

The dots should be Russian reload marks while the two double circles are Finnish reload marks.

The “HB” (Latin “NV”) should be the inspector’s mark.

The No should be a lot number but I do not know why there are two of them.

Thanks EOD.
Now I know that the circles are from Finland reloads.
Not much help from other collectors.

Ron, except for the year, factory and navy mark not much is to be said as most is administrative and does not follow official marking rules. So I guess all was said.