Russian or British drill Nagant?


In Web I’ve spot interesting drill Nagant cartridge.
On first glance this is very typical British style of drill cartridges - fluted case with red painted cannelures.

Maybe somebody can identify it for sure? Is it British or Russian or British cartridge for Russia?


My only comment would be that the colour looks wrong for it to be British. I would expect a British drill round to be slightly darker than Ferrari red but others may know better.


From other side I do not know any other ever manufactured in Russia drill cartridge with painted fluted case. This is very British style…


I think that dummy round was pictured/drawn in Regenstreif, and labeled as Russian.


Yes, I know. I just would like to figure out was it British cartridges manufactured for Russia or Russian engeeners made cartridge in British style.


Perhaps the cartridge is Russian and the painted flutes were used to make it very obvious it is a drill round. Since the bullet can’t readily be seen in the regular Nagant ball loading this extra identification would help avoid confusing the drill and ball cartridges. Jack


Did Eley, Kynoch, or any other British manufacturer ever make 7.62 Nagant ammo?


Eley did.


Very possibly/ probably to contract. They made all sorts of ammunition for all sorts of friendy powers and at that time Russia would have been friendly. In fact a close friend and receiving lots of support from Britain. I would suggest commercially the answer is no because because there wouldn’t have been the demand. As before, I defer to those that may know better. Headstamps would be useful


Yuri, do you know if that dummy is solid or hollow?


Jon, it is filled with a concrete like substance as far as can be seen.

Here an Eley one (from a dummy board), it looks quite different:


Filled by lead with wood plug in the primer pocket and “bullet” mock-up from epoxide.


It looks like different but it doesn’t mean anything. It may be produced in different time and requested by different contract. This one on your photo is not cartridge for Russia. I mean not manufactured for Russia. No Elay Nagants appears here.


Does anybody know when the British started to laquer the flutes of their drill cartridges?


Headstamp of Eley Nagant cartridge would be nice…



It is Russian dummy

Sorry for quality of the picture. I made it long time ago


[quote=“jasve”]Headstamp of Eley Nagant cartridge would be nice…


It has no hs.



The picture figuring in my book was taken in the Woodin Collection years ago, and as Bill told me then that it was a Russian made round … I did not see any reason to find another origin.

External condition was quite better than Yuri’s specimen (probably a dug out?), a black glossy finish (lacquer or metal surface treatment). No hstp.

By the way, Yuri’s section is quite interesting…

Cheers !