Russian primer tin

I have almost nothing in terms of primer or percussion cap tins or boxes bearing Cyrillic lettering. This berdan tin from Moscow is my only primer item. For purposes of completion, can anyone tell me the company name listed here? To make it easier, I have added my interpretation (perhaps incorrect) of the name on the label.


Extremely nice item and the first I see.

It says:
Joint-Stock Company N. Fetter and E. Ginkel
(they were a trade house before)

As they had bought the “Moscow Shot Casting and cartridge Factory” in 1911 and as tt was nationalized in 1918. I assume your tin to be made in this time period.
In 2000 the company was “re-founded” under the name of “Fetter” and they are located on the territory of KSPZ of Klimovsk and they are producing shotshells.

Excellent - many thanks!

Here is what i wrote about them:

Aaron, Fetter & Ginkel bought MDPZ only in 1911 after it had existed for already 10 years.
By the days of the red army the company was nationalized already. So basically the two gentlemen did not supply the red army.
The German spelling of Ginkel would be Hinkel as there is no letter “h” in Cyrillic - then being substituted by a “g” or a “kh”.

The factory had the numerical codes #5 and #58.
Today they still exist but in way different business areas (defence electronics):