Russian Rosoboron export ammo offerings

I came across the export catalog online from Rosobornexport and they offer everything from Mig fighters, to tanks, submarines, radar systems, missiles, and small arms cartridges. Here are the links to the cartridge offerings (pdf files):–38.pdf

on page 43:

on 51 & 52:

on 66:

on 89 & 90:

Amazing what we sell and tell when we really need money.

Hmmm…no Tokarevs:(

I would be willing to bet that there is hardly anything ‘they’ wouldn’t sell you for the right money.

DK, this appears to be fairy old catalog; from what i know, 9x39 PAB-9 ammo is no longer made for several years (cases i have or seen all are dated to late 1990s)
also, the 9x19 PBP was long ago re-classified and adopted as 7N31

but, sadly, retardness like that is so typical for our top military brass types :(

Thanks Max, maybe you can answer another Russian ammo question - I have seen 3 classifications for 9x18 exposed steel core AP ammo as RGO54, RG028, and also 7N25. I assume the current designation is 7N25 ?

DK, i believe that RG054 refers to early version if the 9x21 AP cartridge. In fact, all RG0xx designations refer only to experimental / prototype guns and ammo.
The 7N25 appears to be current code.

May someone explain to me what makes 7N1 round of 7.62x54R (2nd link) so special that it is called “sniper”?

The 7N1 is basically a load with match grade quality, and a boat-tail bullet. It’s tolerances are tighter than the typical 7.62x54r load:

Actually it’s inner construction is different. The cylindrical section of the projectile which is guided by the rifling has only a lead core while the steel part is in the projectile’s tip.
The Russians found it to be difficult to produce a match grade projectile with a regular steel core since the lead sleeve around it did not keep the core 100% centered what lead to a unsatisfactory dispersion. So a separate projectile had to be developed after they tried a high precision “LPS” projectile which had the above mentioned drawbacks.