Russian silenced rounds & firearm

These were new to me, so perhaps to others.

Links to a video & a web page.

video -


Great video, Pete! The silenced round was really unusual. I wonder if any are over here yet?


Just a few fired cases.

The case is actually the same as the Finnish 12.7x55 AMOS subcaliber which is nothing else but a cut down .338 LM case.

Photos of the actual ammo (sorry, no photos of the AP round yet)

BTW rounds are not “silenced” per se, just loaded to subsonic velocities

Here an image from the web:

We discussed it here before, there are also 12.7x55 for the ASh-12 assault rifle which are using shorter and lighter projectiles in a several variants including duplex and triplex loads.

Guess this is more evidence for the “bigger hammer” theory; on the US side the .458SC and .50 Beowulf could be considered analgous in use and purpose.

I do not know that it is “evidence”, precisely, Mwinter.

My mistake. What I should’ve said is that this appears to be evidence that more folks believe in the ‘bigger hammer theory’.

One of my guys at work asked why so many relatively new loadings for the AR15/M16 platform had ‘bigger bullets’ (.300BLK, 6.8SPC, 6.5G, 7.62x45, et al)…I looked puzzled and just said “well they can’t make them that much smaller, really”… haha.

The use of heavy-for-caliber bullets has always interested me, esp. when very heavy bullets from existing cartridges can be put to good use in newer,possibly more efficient/versatile cartridges (180gr+.308 pills in .300BLK, 400gr+.458WM bullets in .458SC, etc…I even handloaded .375H&H solids in my .375 Winchester a few years back).

Intended and practical ranges for many platforms, commercial and military, ebb and flow and lots of end-use these days seems to trend towards shorter ranges.

Could a kindhearted math-minded soul give a common analog for felt recoil on the suppressed rifle in the vid? (Ie, a 400gr .458SC seems to recoil like a 20ga rifled slug to me) … velocity and weight in a comparable US cartridge?