Russian silent / silenced cartridges

I came across these fired cases of Russian silenced / silent weapons and thought you may like to see them.

l. to r.:
9x39 = SP-5, SP-6 and PAB-9 (this one needs a silencer, all others below are gas captive systems)
7.62x35 = SP-3
7.62x42 = SP-4
7.62x63 = PZAM
7.62x63 = PZA (predecessor of PZAM, screw locked primer)
9x93 = PFAM [color=red] EDIT: (for long steel projectile)[/color]
9x93 = PMAM [color=red] EDIT: (propelling cartridge with separating pushing rod and different inner construction, intended to fire a 30mm Grenade )[/color]

On the 9x93 types the designation is not 100% confirmed.



The first gas caption system was developed in 1929 by the Mitin brothers (Russian). (Revolver with 2 drums and sabot projectiles, the second drum at muzzle caught the sabots).

Gurevich (Russian) developed such a system at the beginning of WWII and it was used in 1943 in combat. Gurevich’s system had a liquid piston (water).

In the early 1950’s the first (Russian) captive bolt piston cartridge was developed for a concealed weapon (cigar case) and later the MSP Pistol and NRS knife. The cartridge (7.62mm SP-2) was adopted for service in 1954 (its successor was the SP-3 which had a different projectile and new piston arrangement).
All others in the image above followed up to the 1980’s and for the PFAM I can not say so far.

Very interesting. Do you have any photos of this earlier stuff ? Articles?

On the early stuff there are several articles in Russian, quite some even online. In case of interest I can look them up and post the links.

Please do. We have been waiting a LONG time for the Russians to get into the game. Most of us can’t read the articles but can enjoy the photos.

I’m not Russian though. Will look for the articles and post the links soon.

Here some links I promised: … trony.html

Thanks for the URLs, EOD! Interesting reading (well, to the degree my rusty language skills permit).


No problem.
Just be aware that in the first link they say that the SP-1 is in fact the PZA. This is not correct!!!
The SP-1 goes back to the 1950’s and is an experimental design which was not adopted and the SP-2 was developed instead.

great stuff. Anything with photos of the EARLY and WW2 items ?

Unfortunately only those in the links. Haven’t seen so far images of the real specimens. I assume we have to wait until the Russiens further loosen up on their archives.

Thanks for the help.

Very interesting, I never knew stuff like this existed. There is a lot of military verbose mumbo-jumbo abbreviation jargon (which I don’t know). Translating this into English will be very time taxing. If anyone is really interested, I may give it a shot at one patricular article (to post it here). I am very rusty after not using Russian for 29 years.

Privet Yuri, unfortunately the images do not work, could you fix them?

Probably some confusion has gotten into the transcription from cyrillic into latin English.
The 5.45mm Pistol was the “PSM” (ПСМ in cyrillic) and it’s cartridge the “MPTs” (МПЦ).
The design bureau in transcription is then TsNIITOChMASh (ЦНИИТОЧМАШ).

Probably these images will do: