Russian silent / silenced cartridges

The 40mm is rather interesting. Do you know if it is in service or just has been developed?

I wonder what has happened to the silent BS-1 grenade launcher in 30mm. I have never seen it being offered for export or any details on the grenades which supposedly being designated as VOG-T. Do you know more on these?

Here some details on the BS-1.
The grenade shown is missing the 9mm rod at the end, probably to conceal the function of the system (image from the Russian Kalashnikov book).

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The images of the gun are known for quite a time already and the grenades are known in Germany since about 1990.
As far as I have noticed Russia exported quite some “sabotage” material, so why not the BS-1?
So do you have any details on the grenades like images or data?

Is the “new” 40mm supposed to be launched from standard GP-25 and GP-30 launchers?
Do you have the patent claim?

Great, thank you for the VOG-T image. As I see this one has also no rod attached, must be genuine then I assume. Those I have seen myself had the rods in the rear. So if both types original there must exist two versions of the BS-1.

Thanks also for the patent info, I looked it up and found what I needed.

Thank you for confirmation, I always thought the grenade without the rod was a product only for the press to conceal the function.
So the “Kanareyka” in 7.62 had the rodded grenade?
What 7.62mm AK was used then (AK-47, AKM or subversions)?

Does anyone know which 7.62mm AK-version was used for this silenced system?

I think that two big cartridges at the EOD photo - it is “Jasmin” special tear-gas ammo. There is no bullet but liquid toxic agent (lacrimator). Commercial version is “UDAR” - “Устройство Дозированного Аэрозольного Распыления”.

Sorry, you must confuse something. The shown ones are the PFAM silent cartridges in 9x93, the “Yasmin” fires a liquid load and is a 13x60 “PSh-13 OV” (and is also silent by the way). 13 is the diameter of the case. “OV” stands for “otravlyayushchee veshchestvo” = poisonous agent .The original Yasmine service cartridge as shown here is loaded with hydrocyanic acid and is declared deadly poisonous (weapon was made of steel). It is not the civilian Version designated UDAR (weapon made of plastic) which is firing plastic or aluminum cased tear gas cartridges which also have a reduced load and lost their silence.
Here is the PSh-13 OV:

The PFAM fires two different projectiles, one of steel and one of aluminum.


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Yes, you are right. PSJ “Jasmin”/ПСЖ Жасмин/ ammo has no flange. It’s my mistake.

Once we are with the silent Russian cartridges:
The Russians made a silent 45mm for AT purposes in the 1930s or even in the beginning of WWII. Does anybody have details on this?

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