Russian Spetsnaz Knife Projectile

Saw a great new show on Military Channel called, “Ultimate Warriors”, were they compare training, weapons and tuffness of different warriors threw history. Anyhow, this episode was the US Green Beret vs the Russian Spetsnaz. They showed a weapon that the Spetsnaz use that was incredible. It was a fighting knife that could actually fire the blade of the knife like a projectile that was lethal a decent distance. Could a knife blade become, transform into “Ammunition”???


Into a projectile, since the blade is launched by a spring.

How many blades does it hold? Can it spit out a “magazine” of blades?

No, it actually only launches the one blade, but when people first heard about these several years ago, there was enough panic-mongering going on about them that many states passed laws prohibiting them, calling them “ballistic knives”; here’s a picture of one showing the spring that launches the blade:

A more useful TRUE “ballistic knife” would be the Russian NRS-2, which is essentially a single-shot pistol built into the hilt of a survival-style knife, and which is chambered for the internally-silenced SP-4 7.62x41mm cartridge; here’s a series of pictures showing the NRS-2, and a video showing it being fired:

There is also a Chinese knife for four 7.62x17 Type 64 cartridges and a Russian one for four under water cartridges in 4.5x39R or 5.45x18.

I have one simple question, I do not want it to sound smart a$$, why would you bring a knife to a gun fight? A knife is for close hand to hand combat, one method that a hand gun settles quickly with more than one shot. So what value would a flying knife blade be? Especially if the blade missed, now you a have a knife with out a blade!! Vic

Very cool! Thanks for the pics! Are these available at gun shows? They are awesome.

Vic, in the scenario they showed on the Military Channel, the 2 soldiers were fighting hand to hand and the Russian ended the fight by shooting the blade into his opponents heart while he was on the floor about to get a shovel trusted into his head by the Green Beret who was standing over him. The shooting knife won over the multipurpose Green Beret shovel.


Are you sure about one firing underwater ammo? It is way too long to fit into the average knife handle
and the 5.45x18 one was just a prototype, i believe

speaking on Chinese ones, there’s also a .22LR 4-shot knife-gun


it was what I had seen from fotos, as for the design I think the projectiles of the under water cartridges were protruding from the grip along the blade. It migt be also that somebody arranged the foto with under water cartridges to misslead other people.
I wish I had more info.

I wouldn’t put it ENTIRELY out of the question, as another of the Russians’ “shooting knives”, the “Chameleon”, is definitely based on the SPP underwater pistol, but I’ve only ever seen info that it was in the 5.45x18mm PSM round.



SDC, this one I meant.

I hope the Russian NRS-2 has a good safety mechanism, sinde the barrel appears to be pointing at the holder when the knife is in “offensive” position.

These were for sale in the US over a decade ago. I bought one and tried it out. It works quite well but , of course , is of limited utility. One BIG problem is reloading it. VERY DANGEROUS TO RELOAD THAT BLADE PISTON. IT TAKES VERY SERIOUS PUSHING AND IF IT SLIPS ITS COMING OUT AT YOU ! I got rid of mine before they became illegal in the US. They are illegal in most jurisdictions. I have not seen one for sale for many years.

Are these ballistic knives illegal in Canada ?

They’d fall under the definition of a “switchblade” in Canada, so they’d be prohibited.

Ballistic knives are something that you’d expect to see in a James Bond movie. And, of course, Q’s gadgets always work in the movies. In real life - not so much.


From the museum at China North Shooting range - I have no further details.

Dave S

That is my fav so far, Dave! I wish I could buy one of those at the Gun Shows.


I’ve fired one of those Norinco ones as well as a Powell Knife Pistol; the Norinco ones have a spring-loaded “switchblade”-style blade that folds flat to lay against the grip, while the cartridges are loaded into an en-bloc barrel/chamber unit that slides into the front of the grip and is held by an angled latch. The cartridges (22 LR) are fired one at a time by a hammer that cycles between two positions as the firing lever is pulled (the silver extension visible behind the hilt).

Would these be legal in the USA?

I have seen a mag-lite shotgun for sale before categorised as “any other weapon”, which requires a very low transfer tax.