Russian TP-82 Survival gun and ammunition

I found this interesting weapon on another site:

Apparently it is intended as a personal defense weapon for Russian Cosmonoauts should they accidentally land in a hostile area on earth.
I have never heard of this weapon or seen a photo of it before. Does anyone know anything about the weapon itself or the ammunition if fires? An article on Wikipedia (not taken as concrete information) says something like "The top 2 smoothbore barrels fire 12.5mm Rounds, and the bottom rifled barrel 5.45mm Rounds.

There is also a link to an article in a UK newspaper dated 15/10/2007
about it (see below). Apparently it was the first time it was not issued to a Cosmonaut on a mission as the ammunition has deteriorated too much. The article says it fires “hunting rounds as well as rifle bullets and signal flares” and “Its butt serves as a machete and spade”.…wpistol109.xml


Actually it is a survival gun. Less for hostile areas - certainly it sounds better if one writes an article.

One barrel is a 5.45x40 (NOT 5.45x39) due to legal regulations the cartridge had to get a different designation to be a “civilian” cartridge (probably in case they land outside Russia). The cartridge is a “SN-P” soft tip it also existed a hollow point with the same designation, which was the predecessor of which one I do not remember now. These cartridges are not the same as the civilain ones being sold in the west.
The two other barrels are .410 shot which fires “00” and or slugs and signal cartridges.

Bolotin’s “History of Soviet Firearms and Ammunition” covers the TP-82 fairly well, with specifications; he says the 12.5mm shotshell cartridges (about 32 gauge) come in shot and flare versions, and that this pistol is also part of the “bail-out” bag issued to Russian air force crews. I remember seeing a film-clip of some cosmonauts going through survival training (accompanied by an American astronaut who was going to Mir or the ISS with them), and they were “practicing” with this pistol by throwing bottles up in the air and shooting them with shotshells.

Thanks for answering that one, I thought it appeared like more of a survival gun than a combat weapon. Are Cosmonauts technically civillians, as issuing a weapon with soft-point ammunition to military personnel, even for a survival gun, supposedly violates the hague convention, hence the FMJ .22LR and .22 Hornet rounds for USAF survival guns. Is the 5.45x40 Round dimesionally any different to the 5.45x39 Military round? Are any of the 5.45x40 Rounds or 12.5mm Shotshells (or any of the guns) known in Western collections?

The chamber for the 5.45x40 is the same as the 5.45x39. The cartidge for the TP-82 had to get a different designation because the gun was also designed for military air crews (likely bombers) which of course would not be allowed to use expanding projectiles ojn regular ammunition.
I also found now the info on the two different projectiles.
The first pattern was a soft point, the second one has a hollow point and steel core (probably some sort of “universal” cartridge).

SDC is right, I mixed up the shot caliber, it is a 32 GA and the cartridge designations are:
SN-S (signal)
SN-D (shot)
No slugs are listed actually.

The TP-82 is known with at least three different fore grips (under the barrels).

Was the weapon designed by the military from the start, or adapted from some kind of civillian combination hunting weapon design? The profile of the weapon, and especially fore-end certainly have a civillian shotgun/hunting rifle look to them.

One of these with two barrels in .410 and one in .22LR looks like it would make an ideal camping/trekking gun, especially as you get the spade/machete included.

Does anyone know of one in the USA? Would it be banned from importation today as it presumably counts as a short-barreled rifle/shotgun?

As far as I red it is a survival gun, I think it would be way too short for real hunters. Must be designed as such from the scratch. “TP” stands for “trehkstvolnyi pistolet” = “three barreled pistol”.

The regular gun for “close range” pilots seems to be the good old Makarov.

Falcon above I had to correct myself about the shot caliber already. It is a 32 GA.

What I meant about the hunting weapon part was whether the action was based on some sort of hunting weapon, and the TP-82 gun made with shorter barrels and a detachable stock.

Hi !
I am looking for one 12.5 mm shell for my collection (new empty case)
It is not a 32 gauge, we call it Russian 32 gauge because dimensions are different.

If somebody has one, I can trade it against shotshells or regular ctges.

Annother pic from Bolotins book