Russian "Udar" cartridges?

Does anyone have any pics/info/specifications on the various Russian “Udar” rounds? I’ve seen at least two different calibres shown (12.5 and 12.3) and case lengths ranging from 22mm up to 40mm. “Udar” means “punch” in Russian, so the original rounds were apparently the rubber or plastic anti-riot or baton rounds, but there are also apparently marking rounds, JHPs, round lead balls, shot cartridges, blanks, etc. made for these. These are all supposed to be based on various lengths of cut-down 32-gauge shotgun shells, but it’s hard to find anyone who’s even HEARD of them in North America.

There are several different rounds


Thanks; are these guns and amunition being sold outside of Russia now? I saw a few examples at the IWA show several years ago, but wasn’t able to find out how they’re treated under the laws elsewhere.

Do not mix up things please.

SDC means cartridges for Russian “Udar” (and others) revolvers (2 calibers, 12.3 and 12.5mm, 12,7mm is also mentioned).

Genkideskan means the 13mm ammo for the liquid spraying device also named “Udar”. (The KGB version was named Yasmin and fired poisonous liquid, ammo not interchangeable with civilain one).

Cases exist in 22mm, 35 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm length.
All known cartridges were manufactured by the Tula plant marked with civilian TPZ or military 539 code.
Known case versions:
12.5x40R for ‘‘Gnom’’ smooth bore revolver
A huge variety of projectiles is existing. Case finishes are copper plated or zinc coated.

And thanks to you, EOD; this adds ANOTHER layer I hadn’t heard of :D One of my books briefly covers the Dog-1, the Gnome, the R-93, and the original Udar revolver, but doesn’t say much at all about the ammo, and I was hoping someone out there had some examples to show.

SDC, here are some, have more but they are not photpgraphed jet:

The short one is a 12.3x22R. The others are 12.5x35R.

Refering to Tony Williams there are the following loads:

[b]Last but far from least is the remarkable 12.3mm UDAR double-action revolver shotgun. The size of a compact medium-bore revolver, with a weight of 0.92kg and dimensions of l73x136x44mm, the UDAR holds five rounds of a cartridge claimed to be based on a 32-gauge shotgun case, although this is slightly puzzling as the 32-gauge has a calibre of 13.36mm. The ammunition available includes a jacketed lead bullet for maximum stopping power, an AP bullet capable of penetrating 6mm of steel plate, various shot loads, a “shock” cartridge with enhanced noise/blinding effect, spray irritant loads, a rubber bullet for anti-riot use and a paint marker for training. I can’t help thinking that our police forces might find this a very useful gadget…


A picture of the gun couldt be found here

Here are some Googel links … uche&meta=


In fact the cartridge IS a shortened 32ga, many more laods do exist. Not to forget that the 12.3mm are smooth bored and the 12.5mm are rifled. (smooth bore guns have a different legal status in Russia)
Have some images of the guns, will look them up and post them.

BTW not only “UDAR” revolvers are using these cartridges.

Here some of the guns.

DOG-1 in 12.5x35R

GNOM in 12.5x35R

UDAR by Priborostrojenje in 12.5x35R

UDAR by TsNIITOChMASh in 12,5x35R

I assume so far that weapons which are chambered for the longest cases can use the shorter cased rounds when the caliber itself fits (12.3 or 12.5).