Russian video showing penetration effects

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The T-72 turret shown in the video thumbnail is located at Parola tank museum in Finland. I visited there last summer, I’ll add my own photos from my visit:

(removed last image as I think that was of a T-55 turret)

I sadly forgot to take a picture of the placard with the information on each shot fired at it.



Some very good images, video sequences and graphic aids!

Ole, excellent images you got there. Thank you for sharing!
What a shame they are letting it sit outside and rott away! Soon the whole thing will be worthless and a rusty piece of crap with 27 layers of new paint on covering all the interesting traces…

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Maybe there is an image in the web???
Would be most interesting to see.

Think this video in Russian might have an explanation for each hit, he seems to focus on each numbered hit.

If it is indeed so I would appreciate a short summary.

There’s also a shot at T-55 turret, which I don’t think I took any pictures of.

Also, I have to add, the museum is very much worth a visit. They have an excellent collection of interwar up to modern tanks. They have moved nearly every item inside or under big new rain shelters made possible by funding from donors as well as the government realizing the historical value and the attraction it is for many hobbyists as well as being used as a training place for Armored Battalion conscripts. On my day visiting we ran into three groups of conscripts being shown around.

Worth mentioning are the sole existing BT-42, some rare Soviet tanks captured by the Finns, a very nice T-28 with add-on armor plates, and many unique Finnish modifications of foreign vehicles. Prototype Patria APCs, a modern one, as well as the Patria AMOS prototype.

There is a possibility to climb onto a Finnish T-72 and Leopard 2A4 inside one of the halls. All in all the collection is well cared for as of now and the museum as a whole is indeed really a place to see for fans of armored vehicles as well as artillery and guns. There is a building dedicated to AT and field guns in Finnish service.


Actually, look here. I found a photo of the placard:

Bad quality and only some of the holes but you can get the gist of it.