Russo belge moscou

Can anybody give me any information about this shell?

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René, this is awesome!!!
Thank you for sharing!

No other info than it is giving on the case:
Trade House "Kunst and Albers"
(German names by the way).

Hi Alex,
Thank you very much!
German names, Russian language and Belgian company. (Semi Belgian).

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René, German names were very common in Russia back then and are still today (just a bit less).
Also it can be that the given trade house was located in the Baltic republics where even more Germans were living.

Very nice cartridge. Why is the headstamp in French (Latin alphabet) and the shot shell body is in Russian (Kyrillic alphabet)? Were they aiming at 2 different markets?

“Russo-Belge” in Latin because that was their standard headstamp as French is spoken in Belgium. And maybe they thought a Latin script hs would support exports or so. Also back then French was a bit more “en vogue” in Czarist Russia.
And the Cyrillic marking is as ordered by the customer.

BTW, the stock shares of CRB are also in French.

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CRB : Compagnie Russo Belge
It was an Belgian company (subsidary of SFM) founded in 1899 by the fusion of :
Cartoucherie d’Anderlecht, Cartoucherie de Cureghem, Cartoucherie Antoine, Cartoucherie Torbek, Cartoucherie Inaroff (the last two ones being in Russia).

The main office was in Belgium (french speaking country) and the branch was in Moscou

You can find hstps like:
12 Russo Belge 12 Liege (in french)
12 Russo Belge 12 Moscou (in french)
12 Russo Belge 12 Moscou (in russian)

The marking of the tube is chosen by the customer and can be in any language


Торговый дом Кунст и Альберс

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The above says that Gustav Kunst and Gustav Albers are 2 Germans from Hamburg.

HI sksvlad,

Thank you for the translation!
I was already wondering what it said.
many thanks everybody for the help on this one!!

regards rené

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