RWS 22 Extra long


I recently picked this box up out Germany, Interesting to see it in an Extra long loading and I would expect to be even more uncommon in a hollow point.

Any idea on age of this packet?

I would expect this was an export box with the front lable mostly in English ?


1931 Domestic Issue. This style was used until WWII and again for a short time after WWII.


From what I can read of the label, it is totally in German, not English!
Even the name of the manufacturer is in its original German…even the word “Expansion” is the German Equivalent of “Expanding” ( Hollow point.).
AS already Posted, this is a Domestic sale box. etc.
As to export, most German firms did use English or Spanish etc, but they also exported German-marked Boxes to those countries with large German Immigrant Populations ( Most of Latin America, Chile and Argentina in particular.)

Doc AV.



They are listed in the 1936 RWS catalog as ‘.22 extralang’ with red box and available with lead bullets at 21.45 RM or with hollow points at 21.70 RM.

The box design style nicely matches the examples given in the catalog.


Thank you for your feed back.