RWS .22 Short box question


I am assuming as a very unknowledgeable person on .22 rimfire boxes, that the contents pictured below do not belong in this box? Is it at least the correct red plastic tray?



The only resemblance I see, is the fact it is short ammunition. H stands for Winchester. The tray looks unfamiliar for RWS to me but I’m not that expert of it. But you can date the box. On the inside of one of the flaps, there should be a stamp with a specific RWS datecode.


Date code looks like 43 601
Edit; 43 S01 not what I original stated.




Looks like a winchester tray and ammunition out in to a RWS box.


So, according the given key ( thank you, bdgreen), your box dates from september 3th 1969 or 1994, lot 1. (43 SO1) This is the more modern pattern of the R25box so it will be 1994.


Hi duqjans,
Here is, in my opinion a box that goes with your timeframe.
But I could be wrong of course.

Regards Rene



For the 2 boxes shown by Rene (above) the date codes are stamped on the outside of the end tab and the codes are alpha - numeric. The box on the right seems to match the box shown by Joe, Rene’s box has a date code of 45 NV 2 which translates to 5 April 1976, Lot 2

For the RWS box shown by Joe (above) a code is stamped on the INSIDE of the end tab and it appears to be ALL NUMBERS (43 601) which does not seem to fit in with the RWS date codes listed in the chart above.

In addition to this while looking at the RWS section of the PDF on German .22 boxes ( there is in the RWS-6B pages (boxes dating to 1968 - 1969) a .22 Long Rifle box (LR-19) shown with an over label which says "WINCHESTERPLATZPATR.KAL. .22 SCHWARZPILYER” [Winchester PLATZPATR.CAL. .22 BLACK POWDER ] which seems to indicate a link between RWS and Winchester during this time frame.

So questioning whether the " H " (Winchester) headstamped .22 shorts are proper for the box posted by Joe may be a relevant question.




The tray fits like a glove in the RWS box and I am not familiar with a Winchester box that would fit a tray this size. 173mm x 40mm.




Yes, thank you.

The date code is similar to how some of my Winchester boxes are stamped on the flap. I wonder if it is a Winchester code?



Hmhm…well yes, maybe I acted too quick gentlemen. This code seems to read as 43 601 indeed (only digits) and doesn’t fit therefore into the RWS-list.



No, you are correct! I looked at it with 25X magnification and it is truly an “S”. Thank you.
Problem is, the last character is definitely a number 1, not a letter I.



The red plastic tray is correct to this box, which was introduced in the late 1960’s to identify “R 25” and “R 50” brands (early production has a standard black color tray). Below you can see a scan from the 1972 catalog (Spanish edition):

Regarding the date code, I agree that it is 43 SO1, but the correct date should be September 3, 1969 (Lot 1), because this box style was obsolete by 1994.



Thank you very Much.



My boxes - 4 6 Q D 1 - 6 july 1984, Lot 1 :)


After playing with all the Rapid Fire Pistol Shorts that I can locate, a further clue might be the profile of the bullet. The bullets in US-made Shorts like the Winchester HV plated specimens in the first photo have a very common profile, be they plated or simply lubricated lead alloy. Each maker of Shorts labeled for self-loading pistols has their own bullet design, be it Eley or Fiocchi or Lapua or others, but the profiles are not the blunt design intended for rifles or revolvers.