RWS .22LR Proof Loads?

I have a partial box of RWS/Dynamit-Nobel .22LR shells from my father’s collection. The box is labelled in English and German as standard velocity rounds. A label has been added to the box on the top that reads “LaufbeschauB-Patronen”. The person who passed them on to my father said that meant they were factory proof shells. I had a relative in Germany translate it but he is A) not a shooter, and B) a Polish immigrant to Germany so I’m not sure if he understood or could properly translate it. He said it translated to “Bullets for Barrels”.
Are these really proof/test cartridges or does the label mean something else?

The translation given you is erroneous. “Bullet” in German is “Geschoss.” “Patrone(n)” means “cartridge(s).” The term "Laufbeschu

Thank you for the help and the German lesson. I’ll pass the word back to my father and my “translator”

Take care,