RWS 7 x 57 Box and Cartridges

Hi, All…

A recent find that I thought I would share…I assume made in the 1930’s…These have the brass washed steel cases…

RWS 7 X 570001_zpscodc5x2p

RWS 7 X 570002_zpsrtw5hoot

RWS 7 X 570003_zpskchshnde

RWS 7 X 570004_zpsch1wduj9


Keep in mind that in the thirties the military were (again after WW1) experimenting with this type of case, and use in a civilian calibre like 7 mm was more or less out of the question (more complicated and expensive manufacture; frequently stuck cases).

In fact, code O62Q identifies the manufacturing date as 22 July 1944.

This steel case sporting ammunition was made is a good number of popular case types, and this has lacquered brass-washed steel (can be seen with the build-up on the head). Nice box!

the brass case headstamp is almost the same as the steel case Randy shows.

the brass is the upper & two lacquered brass-washed steel below


I guessed at the 1930’s, not realizing that sporting ammunition was being made in Germany in 1944…

Is there a list or matrix available to decipher RWS codes ?


The code is called Fertigungszeichen in German.
Format up to 1945: Y00M
Format from 1956: 00MY

00 is the day of the month plus 40, for example 62 represents the 22nd
M is the month code, starting with K for January straight through V for December
Y ist the year, starting with A, skipping J, going through to Z. This code therefore repeats every 25 years, starting anew with A.
As far as I know, this coding started in 1931 (A). Because of German surrender this first sequence ended with P. I do not know if P codes actually exist.

The next A started in 1956, restarting in 1981 and 2006. Because the layout of printing on the packages changed, it is normally no problem to determine the actual year from the possible values.

By the way, Geco packages (postwar) show a similar looking code, but its decoding is not known to me.

you are sure that is brass washed steel case (and lacquered)?
i see only copper washed and lacquered steel cases in small caliber german ammo
with the headstamp RWS or DWM on rifle calibers

ammogun, you may well be right. I haven’t tried scratching mine to look underneath the lacquer.

A previous discussion that hit upon the subject of RWS and DWM steel sporting cartridge cases from this time period: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4775