Rws 82x9.3 nimrod


Called the commonest of the 82mm cases in Brad Dixon’s vol. 1, (and Welcome to the IAA), is the RWS 82x9.3 NIMROD as common as the R.W.S. 9.3x82 NIMROD? (The 82x9.3 has the brass N in shield primer, and what looks like a belted CN bullet from the side, with flat lead tip.
Thanks for any info.


Sam, There are several RWS hs styles for the 9.3x82R:

“RWS 82x9.3 NIMROD” is an early pre-1910 style hs and is scarce
"R.W.S. 82x9,3 N" hs is also likely pre-1910 and is probably the rarest.
“RWS 9.3x82 NIMROD” is c1910-1922 and is probably the commonest headstamp encountered on the 9.3x82R Nimrod.

Are you saying that you have a “R.W.S. 9.3x82 NIMROD” with the dots between the RWS letters ??


I have the first one you listed. (scarce). The other one that I mentioned, was pictured in Dixon’s book. (H, page 56, V1).


Sam - I have yet to confirm that the “R.W.S. 9.3x82 NIMROD” exists despite being given that information when I wrote that book. Here are images of the known RWS hs for the 9.3x82R Nimrod.


This round has the headstamp on the left, with a brass N in shield primer. (R W S over 82 X 9,3 NIMROD).
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