RWS 9,3x62 Flachkopf 9g load

Can anyone please tell me if this cartridge appears in a RWS catalogue, or any catalogue/brochure for that matter.


If my translation of H65U is correct, the date is 25 Nov 1938 but I can not find any reference to it in the RWS 1938 Export catalogue.



It is also not listed in the 1934 and 1940 editions of “RWS Schießtechnisches Handbuch” by Walter Lampel.
The 14 mm long bullet of only 9 g (139 grains) is extremely light for 9.3 mm and the load of 1.4 g is less than half of the standard.

This cartridge is designated “Schonzeitpatrone” and listed in the 1939 German edition:



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Fantastic Fede. Thank you very much for that information.


The referenced page 91 of RWS Schießtechnisches Handbuch (1934) only contains general remarks regarding Schonzeit (the time period outside of hunting season), no ammunition details.