RWS 9.3x72R With British Primer?

Did Kynoch or one of the othe British companies ever supply primers to RWS?
I ask this because I have an RWS 9.3x72R headstamped “R W S 9,3X72R” that seems to have a British copper .25" Berdan primer fitted. It is the flat style, as was used on millions of rounds of .303 made in the UK. As far as I can tell, European ammunition usually used smaller brass berdan primers.

WBD would probably be more helpful than me,however my 9,3 x 72 R samples ( Nimrod,Sauer and Normalized) have large berdan primers.The nimrod and Sauer primers are about .25" flat copper ones,while the normalized ( which is Swiss made) has a .245 - .25" flat brass primer