RWS box: 1964 or 1989?

Recently, I acquired this RWS box. It caught my attention because of unknown appearance. Date code, 67UI7, reads as november 1964 or 1989.
I did send some images to (strongly recommended!) and Roger Huegel, who published them, thinks it could be a specimen of 1964. But I doubt: none of my “old” RWS boxes bear the CIP approval mark. CIP approval comes up in my collection from 1977 on. And does somebody know the meaning of another “code” on the inside of one of the cardboardflaps? I never believe RWS printed such a “code” on its boxes in 1964. And last but not least: the box came with the original price tag: 100 Belgian Francs. In my opinion, the right price for this box in 1989. But against: no bar code and it has the older “R in a crest” logo instead of the newer black RWS in a circle. Could it be some special edition? Who knows more about this (aged) box?!

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Definitely not 1964 from the design of the printing. The presence of the CIP mark is another proof.