RWS Nagant Russe

Would my guess be correct that the below is from WWI? This was dug up in Poland in an old battlefield along with other cartridges dated from WWI. Difference is that this is actually a live round, and seems to dinky to have been intended for military use.

Also, the head stamp says RWS NAGANT RUSSE. RWS is German if I am correct, but RUSSE is in French. ??? Who would have used this? Germany? I thought only the Russians used the Nagant revolver that this ammo is for, but seems unlikely that either Germany or France would be supplying ammo to the Russians.

I can not date your cartridge but the caliber as we know it was also used by Poland (post WWI), Romania (post WWI) and Turkey (here I am uncertain). The latter probably used cartridges made in Germany with Turkish style hs (as per the Latin script then after 1929).

The only thought (given your cartridge is WWI related) I would have is that Germany captured Russian revolvers and just used commercial ammunition which was on hand. For example for captured rifles Germany produced 7.62x54R cartridges with typical military hs. So probably they had too few captured revolvers to justify a separate military production or even a German soldier who captured a revolver arranged for a private supply of ammunition (treating the revolver as a personally owned weapon then).

As for the French “Russe”; if I got it right French was “the English of the old days” before English became the international language. Many internationl treaties (customs, mail, rail) and the superfluous EU still have French as a ruling language (the latter against all logics as the EU language should be German then judging by the most spoken language, we all know the reasons why it is not).

Yes, French was the “Language of Diplomacy” for centuries, it was also the “Educated Language” of the Many European Courts ( France, Belgium, Prussia, Russia, Piedmont, Scandinavia, etc.etc.)

ON top of that, Nagant Freres, being Belgian, would have named the actual revolver “Nagant Russe” ( just as they had a Nagant Suedois, a Nagant Suisse, etc…etc.) RWS, being able to sell into the wider Euro Market, would use the Language understood by most users of “Pistolets Nagant”…

Nice find…a dropped cartridge, maybe due to fumbling to reload under artillery barrage? Oh the stories it could tell…

Doc AV

These cartridges were already made by RWS before the war and can be found in SFM boxes having a French language label reading “Fabrique de Munitions Rheinisch-Westfälische Sprengstoff-A. G. Nürnberg” (no label number). However, as far as I can see it was not listed until the 1921 catalog, which also illustrates this same headstamp.

Very interesting. Thank you for the replies. This was found in Poland and shipped to me with a lot of other interesting cartridges. Apparently the person who shipped it thought it was inert case as the bullet is recessed.