RWS Utendoerffer box

What is the date/year of this box.
The bullets inside box are 22 LR measurements.
In addition to cn jkt bullets in box, there are gm jkt and cn fmj bullets.
What does No 8 - 12 mm long signify?
Bob R.

November 5, with year “T” being either 1924 or 1949 depending on box style.
See IAA Journal 495 Page 40

Well, 1949 can be excluded as a date of ammunition manufacture in Germany, I think.

I think only the Nickel jacketed bullets belong in that box and the 12mm is the length but those are not for a rimfire, at least one I’m familiar with.

In my 1934 Patronenfabrik Hirtenberg export catalog bullets are given a number which corresponds to a type of bullet (dia., weight & etc.).

I see numbers 2, 4 , 15, 17 & so on and an “H 8” is for the Martini Henry The numbers go as high as 3011 (with gaps). But I don’t see a number 8 bullet listed.

Bob, here is an excerpt from the RWS bullet catalog:



Two pages from a Utendoerffer catalog missing the cover but with a handwritten date of 1921.

I think they might be for .22 Winchester Center Fire.