RWS with FN head stamp

From an old hunter I received a couple of boxes with 8x57J hunting cartridges.
One of these I have never seen before this way. It has a label inside the box

I hope my translation is understandable.

The hunting cartridges in this box are made by NFI in the old RWS quality.
For the cases we used for a short time, means temporary, cases from another company.
That’s why they have another head stamp.

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Very neat box & contents.Perfect explanation…
Think I’d be tempted to bet these are slightly post WW II era?

Great box. Geco and FN apparently had a relationship after WWII. I have a 9x19mm with an FN military headstamp “(+) FN 66” that was clearly made by Geco. The bullet has a GMCS case when no FN production bullets from this era were magnetic, the letter style on the headstamp was clearly Geco not FN, and the primer seal was red, and identical to Geco primer seals from the period.

There are probably other such examples from this period. Examples would be interesting.

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Willem, great box! Thanks for sharing. Date is June 7, 1952.



Yes, a most interesting box from the early postwar period. Thank you.

Here is some info on NFI:

After WW2, under allied (US) control, DAG was renamed NÜRNBERG - FÜRTHER INDUSTRIEWERK, NüRNBERG (NFI = NÜRNBERG, Fürth Industrial Plant) which produced ammunition from 1948-52.

Initially they reloaded existing cases and marked the hs with dual “o o” 's. Examples:

RWS o 6.5X57 o (M17)
RWS o 8x57JS o (M32)
RWS o 8x57JR o (M2)
RWS o 8x57JRS o (M33)

Even other manufacturers cases were used: eg “FN o 7x57 o” (M46)

It has been rumoured that the "double o’s " were produced by FN for NFI but this may be speculation because “FN” hs were often used but the same technique was also shown on RWS cases…

Later, as RWS were not allowed to use the “RWS” trademark, once again an ‘N’ hs was used during NFI period (1948-52). In these cases the existing hs was milled off (incl examples of the ‘RWS’ and “29 39 40 BS” (M2) ) and a “N” hs used (see “N 8x57J”, “N 8x57JS” and “N 8x57JR” hs).

NFI packets are also known containing steel case cartridges
eg "RWS * 7x57 * "

The 1953 RWS catalog had a small appendix on NFI showing that they still producing adding machines with the “NFI” label at that time.

Thanks for sharing the box info Dutch - I will add your info to my database.

These hunting rounds were probably made from former military cases.
I cab recognise on the right side cases dnf S* 7 42 and the other only dnf under the “N” head stamp. “dnf” was the military code from RWS during WW2.
The dnf S* 7 42 was during WW2 known as SmK Lsp-v and PmK-v trop.
Both cartridges were used by the air force.
Because there is no visible primer crimping, I assume empty cases were found after WW2 and transformed to make this hunting cartridges.

During WW2 the civilian production went on. The hunting cartridges were also made with a CWS, or later a lacquered steel case. I think I showed this box before.
The interesting part is the US Administration Nürnberg sticker on the box.



Willem, I am sure the 7.9x57R (convex copper primer, black PA) was made from Dutch cases where the hs was removed.