RWS Zielmunition 5,6 kal.....Is it military, time period?

Hey guys, picked up this box of RWS .22 LR practice ammo…to me it had that military look to it, with the stamping on the box, so I took a chance and picked it up for my German combat gear and rifle collection.

Can anyone shed some light on this, as to whether it is military, and what time period it is from?

Thanks guys!

Yes, it’s German military contract ammunition produced in the period (roughly) 1938-45, unless the “40” in the first line is the date. You might try a magnet to see if the cases are steel; such ammo made by DWM was often steel-cased, but I’m not sure about the RWS product. The primary German military arm using this ammunition was the Erma Einstecklauf (insert barrel) for the 98 Mausers, but there were also similar units for the Luger pistol. There was extensive use of .22 caliber rifles for training by the paramilitary groups in Germany in these years, but I have no idea if they used this military-labeled ammo or ordinary commercially-boxed types. JG

JG, you are correct. These cartridges were also used with 37mm and 50mm adaptor cartridges with 22lr barrels inside.

It was also used in the.22"LR version of the Kleinstkanone 34 to simulate artillery shooting on small houses and tank models at 50 m.
(The other training device was chambered for the 14,5x21R cartridge).

A picture of the 22 LR variation was published in a 1943 issue of Die Wehrmacht, a weekly WWII german propaganda magazine.


Thanks for all the info guys, glad I went with my gut on this one…I’ve never seen German military .22’s before, and while the label doesn’t look like the typical German ammo box label, I figured roll the dice.

A good addition to the collection!

I did check, absolutely non-magnetic cases on these…

This question may be obvious for those that know but are these RF or internally primed CF ?

Here is the reason I asked the question re RF vs I/P CF. Often with these small calibre cartridges for adaptor inserts they used CF (internally primed) to avoid having to have an offset insert chamber so that the firing pin could hit the RF rim.

Here is an example which may be similar to the one mentioned:

It may be that this ammunition was intended for one of the devices listed above.

WBD, the 37mm and 50mm adaptors had offset barrels since the size allowed to do so.