S.A. Co. 32 ASP

Photos of a S.A. Co. .32 A.S.P. cartridge with .380 A.S.P. headstamp along side
Left to Right
32 ASP, 32 ACP. 380 ASP (Cartridge is a 32 ASP), 380 ASP.%20Co%2032-380%20ASP

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Nice one Bob!
Thanks for showing it.


Savage Arms, I think ? correct me if I am wrong.

Nice variations! The .380 match the illustration found in Savage Arms Co. and Savage Arms Corp. box labels:

Savage Arms Co.

Savage Arms Corp.

ASP : Automatic Savage Pistol???

Or Asperger’s Syndrome ( wrong period…Vienna 1944)?

Doc AV

Automatic Savage Pistol Doc, or more correctly Savage Automatic Pistol, but that’s how they did it…

So is that 3rd from left a headstamp mistake Bob, very neat new to me.