S.A. Martignoni


What was in this Italian tin? Shotgun shell primers?

S.A. Martignoni, munizioni cartucce 100 capsule rigate, Genova Molassana


I am not sure but I think they are primers for flint guns


Jeanpierre is right


What is “flint gun”? I thought of “rigate” as a sail boat competition, which would make it a starter pistol, a gun used to start any running, swimming or alike competition.


Excuse me, what I called flint gun is not the exact term
Flint (which is a stone) guns have no need of primers.

The exact term is muzzle loading gun using a primer (in opposition of breech loading guns using ctges)


rigato : “striped” but here has the same meaning as the grooves of a rifle barrell

In other words the surface of the primer has some grooves


So just the caps for a cap&ball muzzleloader?


yes !!

They call this kind of gun “fucili a bacchetta” in Italian;
I checked and I confirm these caps made by Martignoni are for such a rifle.
They exsit in 50 and 100 boxes (scatole da 50, scatole da 100)

(the cannelures are on the side of the cylinder to help to fix it on the chimney of the gun)



Martignoni "Capsule Rigate " tr. Ribbed Percussion Caps…the types mostly used on smalller diameter Nipples on Muzzle loading Pistols and some smaller calibre Rifles.

The Ribs or corrugations in the cylindrical part of the cap grip the slightly tapered part of the percussion nipple.

The various names of a Percussion Muzzle loader in Italian are " Fucile /moshetto ad Avancarica ( "Front-loader); Fucile a Luminello(“small light”) & Fucile a percussione ( Percussion Rifle.).

Note that in Italian Civilian “Gunspeak” a “Fucile” is either a smoothbore Musket, or a Shotgun…a rifled Firearm is a “Fucile rigato” or “carabina” (generic). All very confusing…

Doc AV