S&B 32 ACP With THAI ARMS Headstamp


Found this on the Smith & Wesson Forum. Apparently got it from Sportsmans Guide in a recent purchase.

smith-wessonforum.com/ammo/42471 … tamps.html


Interesting that this caliber is not listed on the Thai Arms website:



John Moss notes a relationship between Royal Ammunition Co. of Thailand and Sellier & Bellot viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7316

“Other Thai pistol-caliber headstamps are “T-A” and “THAI ARMS” representing that company, with some of it made by Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic, and “BM” for “Bullet Master.” We have the “BM” headstamp in both 9mm Para and .45 auto. It may (or may not) exist in other calibers. A lot of Thai ammo seen has been loaded in current Winchester cases, and a .45 Auto with only the caliber marking - no factory designator - and also made by Sellier & Bellot, has been found in Thailand.”


EOD - the link you have for “Thai Arms” is actually for Royal Ammunition. Do you know positively that Thai Arms and Royal are somehow connected. Do you have a link specifically for the company known as Thai Arms?


Alex and John, this headstamp was made by S&B a different company named Thai Arms Co., Ltd. I have an example of the box for this cartridge that I found in Bangkok back in 2010. I’ll post pictures later. Regards, Fede.


Fede - I know that the ammo was made by Sellier & Bellot. They have done a lot of things with Thai Arms. The question is, are Thai Arms and Royal Ammunition one and the same company, or are they two different companies?

If two different companies, does anyone have a website address for Thai Arms.

I check the website for Sportsman’s Guide and could not find this ammunition. I would like very much to get a full box, or at least a single round of this ammunition. Does anyone on this Forum have any of it?


John, the address in the Thai Arms box is different, so I don’t think that they are related. It reads: 6/3 Lardpraow Soi 1 Jatujak Bangkok 10900. I’ll scan both sides of the box as soon as I can.


Here they are. The added label says “Live Ammunition”.


Fede - I didn’t think they were either, but I wasn’t sure from the website address given as “Thai Arms.”

I hope some of these turn up here among collectors. It is a good headstamp I have not seen before in this caliber, and in a caliber of interest to me (I have around 1,050 specimens of 7.65/.32 auto).


John, I looked up an earlier thread here and to what I understood this was Thai Arms as it was referred to. I am absolutely not sure who is who now.

Fede, great box of Thai Arms you are showing. Do you know who made that particular one? Maybe S&B?


Alex, the cartridges inside looked just like those found in the S&B repack, showing a THAI ARMS 32 ACP headstamp, brass primer cup and GM bullet jacket. Also, I forgot to mention that the numbers printed in the flap indicates the Thai solar calendar date of 2550 (2007). Regards, Fede.


Received from Sportsman’s Guide-