S&B 7.62X25 dates


I shoot quantities(and I mean ‘a lot’)of 7.62X25mm ammo.Somewhere along the road I bought many small boxes of of this ammunition.What I would like to know is when it was made.

small box 2 1/8 X 2 X 1 3/8 marked so: Sellier & Bellot (trademark)
25 PCS
made in Czechoslovakia

Is this 1957 stuff? Bright brass case marked S&B 7.62X25 red primer seal


I am not sure Sellier & Bellot ammunition in the early commercial boxes can be precisely dated, but I am sure it is later than 1957. I don’t think at that time S&B was part of CIP (or even if CIP existed yet. The founding date of CIP would be a good place to start, I think). The fact it says “Made in Czechoslovakia” tells us it is pre-1992. You should give us the headstamp content and style while you are at it, as that might be helpful as well. The more information you can provide, the more that is likely to come back to you.


C.I.P. was started in 1914. I do not know when it was required to be noted on the boxes of ammunition. The “Children Warning” was required on all boxes imported or sold in the U.S. since 1962. So, your boxes must date after 1962.


Ron - thank’s for the starting date of CIP. I thought it was much more modern than that. Were the Eastern (Soviet) countries generally members, or recognizing CIP specs, before the break up? Just wondered. I know if any were, Czechoslovakia would have probably been one of the early ones, since even under Soviet domination, they were more active in selling ammo and the like in the West.


John–I was surprised to find that C.I.P. was that old also. I found a nice article about the History of the C.I.P. here:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commission … es#History

It states: In 1914, the director of the Liège Proof House in Liège, Mr. Joseph Fraikin (director from 1908 to 1946), was the originator of the creation of the Permanent International Commission for Firearms Testing (C.I.P.).

The only former “Iron Curtain” countries that are currently members of C.I.P. are Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and Slovakia.


Ron, isn’t Poland also in? They made 7.62x39 and 9x18 Tok. for the German police (for the eastern part then after reunion).


EOD–Not according to the site I listed, which was as of 2008. It also said Yugoslavia had dropped out of C.I.P. as of 1992.


Maybe one can clarify the system on how all this works and wo actually is a CIP member in a country then and who not. Seems manufacturers can decide on their own what they produce (mainly depending on customer’s demand I assume).