S&B 7.65 x 17 Browning Factory dummy?


I have a 7.65 Browning dummy made from what looks to be a new case. It is boxer primed, but has no primer. It is headstamped “S&B 7.65 Br. >O”. What confused me was the bullet, which is brass jacketed FMJ. I pulled it thinking it was not even a real bullet, but I then found that it is as it has a lead core. Is this an actual factory dummy of something someone made up themselves? Both case and bullet look very recent, and are in clean, pristine condition. Is the Brass FMJ bullet an S&B product? Any info would be helpful.


Falcon - the brass bullet is perfectly correct for S & B. They seem to be using brass jackets the most lately, although they have used just about every bullet jacket material (CN, CNCS, GM, GMCS, Brass, Sintered Iron - no jacket at all, on 9mm vz 82 - Makarov) ever used by anyone, at one time or another.

It is hard to say if your dummy is factory or not. It probably is. Dummy rounds are made up for all kinds of purposes - instruction in the use of firearms, commercial displays including cartridge boards, for use of box makers to determine box sizes, checking feeding at point of manufacture of firearms, etc.


Cheers John. I bought this for 50p from a trader in the world famous Portobello Road market in London. He had a box that contained inert rounds in various calibres (nothing very exciting) for 50p each. I bought this because it looked interesting. I will re-seat the bullet if this is a factory product. I was thinking of getting someone I know who has reloading gear to fit a primer to make it an inert round, but if it is meant to be like this, I will leave it as it is. My friend also bought one of these “Golden James bond bullets” (Walther PPK of course) at the same time as I got this one.


Again, hard to tell if it is factory. If it was in with a lot of other stuff that was inerted by an individual - that is, obviously not factory dummies, than it may not be. I do have dummies from other countries like this, though - simply a bullet in an empty case - where they are absolutely known to be factory dummies. I have a similar, but older S&B like this with a GM bullet.


The rounds he had for sale were not inerted by him, he bought them wholesale as inert rounds. Also, oiling then removing live primers would be alot of trouble to go to.